Friday, July 4, 2008

I AR'ed Somebody!

Sent in my second ever abuse report. The first was nearly a year ago. I was but a child in SL back then (figuratively, LL, figuratively!). and got griefed in a sandbox. How unique and original, I know. Today, something more interesting. I got an IM from a fellow sculpty maker. He let me know that he had found one of my sculpty sets for sale in its entirety by someone else. I can't call this person a sculpty maker, because if they were they would not need to steal my work.

My sculpty boxes are all full-perm sculpties, of course, with full-perm textures. The boxes themselves are modify-only. I know I'm relying on the personal honor of others not to re-sell the contents as-is. The person in question today was so lazy all they did was shovel everything in a new box and slap my sculpty finder on it with their graphics! I had made the finder modify only, but several people have asked for it for their workshops, so I always sent them along. And will continue to do so.

Just checked my records-- I only sold the guy this box two days ago. I feel better that he hasn't been making money for months on this. And better because I was in that shop last month looking for scripts!

It's a small world, is SL.

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