Monday, July 14, 2008


Ten days after I mailed my DMCA report to Linden Labs and the result-- no action! Why? Because they could not find the offending product. How is this possible? Because the guilty party moved it from one of his shops to another.

Honestly, LL... I'm not asking for Hercule Poirot here. Would it kill you to check the guy's shops? I sent you pictures of the product with my graphics on the prim box, and a picture of my product with the graphics right there. The same snapshot of the same products.

The offending product is in your computers, LL. I gave you the guy's name and his company name.

I guess this means I have to chase this object around SL, file a new DMCA report every time it shows up, and then wait for LL to not find it because he's moved it?

Beauty. I AR'ed the guy again. I can't send another DMCA until I get over the flu and stop being contagious. Then I guess I'll jump through the hoop again.

Linden Labs-- bringing you Eastern Bloc Bureaucracy nearly twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall!

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