Monday, May 19, 2008

Author & Avatar.

The Author: Lorelei Armstrong

The Avatar: Rusalka Writer

The Products (RL): In the Face, Iota Publishing, October 2008, available on Amazon.

The Products (SL): A line of antique, historically-accurate beverage services, a line of full-perm sculpties, Hawaiian fishhook necklaces, and iron skirts (yes, really), available in-world and on SLEX.

And You May Ask Yourself...

Another Second Life blog breathes its first. The point of this one? To describe the various and sundry products of an Accidental Builder, and offer a few observations, where relevant, about Second Life.

Why did I join? Long story short, and all that. In 1998 I wrote a novel. Said novel featured Second-Life-like elements. Said novel was not well-understood. Fast-forward nearly ten years and book sells. Book is not only well-understood, it has genre-drift, and has gone from being a science fiction novel to being a mystery.

Author joins Second Life to promote book. Author discovers capitalist wonderland. Author makes first forty cents and is hooked. Author wrestles with Blender and finds painful happiness.